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      易胜博苹果下载.(abbreviated as ORIENT) provide the EPC of coal fired (oil, gas) generating unit project(up to 600MW), biomass fired generating unit project(up to 25MW), combined cycle (up to 400MW) or simple cycle (up to 280MW) gas turbine generating unit project, heat recovery power stations project in metallurgy plant, building material plant, paper mill, petro-chemical plant, and engineering survey, design, construction, technical consultation, equipment election design, installation ,commissioning, and technical training etc.

      ORIENT have already completed construction of different types and scales of power plant projects inland and overseas, such as coal fired power plant, gas steam combined cycle power plant and heat recovery power plant etc. In recent several years, respond to the strategy of “go out” which was raised by central government, Orient cooperated with foreign clients in flexible ways including supply of complete equipments plant, EPC, BOT and so on, our market have extended to Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nigeria. Also we have established a strategic relationship with first class of main equipment providers and design institutes in China. At present we have signed two EPC contracts of Turkey ORTA ANADOLU 135 MW Coal Fired Power Plant and Nigeria Tacobel 180 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, and both projects are in the progress.

    Main Technical Parameter of Coal-fired(oil, gas, biomass, etc)Power Plant
    Steam Capacity: 10t/h-220t/h, 220t/h-3000t/h
    Steam Pressure: 1.5MPa-10MPa, 10MPa-27.5MPa
    Type: Multi-fuel (coal, oil, gas, biomass (woodchip, coconut and palm shell, rice husk, bagasse) boiler, CFB boiler, etc.

    Steam Turbine
    Type: Condensing, back pressure, extraction condensing, extraction back pressure and industrial steam turbine (driving feed pump, blower, compressor, etc.)
    Unit Capacity: 1.5MW—50MW, 50MW—600MW
    Pressure: medium pressure, high pressure, superhigh pressure, subcritical, supercritical, ultra supercritical.

    Cooling Type: Water-hydrogen-hydrogen, Hydrogen-cooled, Air-cooled
    Unit Capacity: 1.5MW—50MW, 50MW—600MW
    Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

    Main Technical Parameter of Combined Cycle or Simple Cycle Power Plant
    Gas turbine generating unit
    Type: Class E, F gas turbine generating unit
    Unit Capacity: SC: 40MW-280MW
    CC: 60MW-400MW

    Circulation mode: Forced circulation and natural circulation
    Unit parameter: Class E, F gas turbine matching HRSG

    Steam turbine generating unit:
    Unit parameter: Class E, F gas turbine matching steam turbine generating unit
    Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

    Technical Parameter of Industrial Heat Recovery Power Plant
    Industrial Heat Recovery Power Plant
    Circulation mode: Forced circulation and natural circulation
    Type: Heat recovery boilers (Sintering cooler heat recovery boiler, Coke dry quenching waste heat boiler, Blast furnace gas boiler, etc.)
    In metallurgy, chemical industry, building material, paper mill, petro-chemical plant,waste incineration waster boiler (maximum capacity up to 1000t/d).
    Temperature and Pressure: low parameter medium temperature and medium pressure, Sub-high temperature and sub-high pressure, High temperature and high pressure

    Steam turbine
    Type: Condensing, back pressure, extraction condensing, and extraction back pressure
    Temperature and Pressure: Low parameter, medium pressure, sub-high pressure, high pressure

    Cooling type: Air cooler
    Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
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